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Picture this:

You're lost in a maze of open web browser tabs hunting for that perfect piece for your home decor project when suddenly you fall down a flash-sale rabbit hole and are surrounded by 50 options of accent chairs in 30 shades of gray that you’re not even sure will fit in your space. It's well after midnight now, so you decide to flip a coin and go with exhibit 8 and hope for the best. Your head finally hits the pillow and you're wallowing in second guesses about your purchase. The only thing you're sure of in that moment, is that you're completely exhausted.

Sound familiar?

Do you want to know what the number one reason I believe people get overwhelmed with their home decor projects and often despite their best efforts, render patchy results riddled with pricey do-overs, time-consuming store returns, trial-and-error mistakes often resulting in a space or home that is (hopefully) better than when they began - but sometimes they wish they never had? I’ll give you a hint. (My design process was created to obliterate this problem).

The lack of knowledge, resulting in the lack of a plan. 

It’s easy to see how this leads to haphazardly picking out random pieces for your home that you “think will work” or “hope it’s the right color” “because it was on sale”. 

It’s easy to see how client’s end up contacting me at the end of their design-rope, throwing in the towel before they make another mistake or poor investment. 

I LOVE helping my interior design clients find their way back from this discouraging place of unrest in their own homes! It’s my passion. So much so, that I’m no longer okay with limiting those I help to the number of hours in a day that dictate how many clients I can help at once. 

So I’m turning to a beautiful gift that "connects" us all (ha!) - the world wide web - on a mission to reach YOU with professional design knowledge, and helping everyone that I can along the way feel enlightened, equipped, and empowered with the knowledge needed to confidently design and decorate their own homes with professional level excellence!

It is with great joy that I bring you this one-of-a-kind online interior design + decorating course teaching you the exact proven, step-by-step design process I use every day to create award winning and published interiors!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Step 1: Define the Big Picture
    • Welcome + Overview FREE PREVIEW
    • Step 1:1 - Assess Your Space
    • Step 1:2 - Identify Your Taste
    • Step 1:3 - Begin with the End in Mind
    • Step 1 Slides (PDF Version of All Step 1 Lessons)
    • Step 1 Project Sheets
  • 2
    Step 2: Create the Foundation
    • Step 2:1 - Why Space Plans Set You Up for Success
    • Step 2:2 - How to Measure + Photograph Your Space
    • Step 2:3 - Creating Your Space Plan
    • Step 2 Slides (PDF Version of All Step 2 Lessons)
    • Step 2 Project Sheets
    • Estimated Furnishings Dimensions List
  • 3
    Step 3: Embrace the Essentials
    • Step 3:1 - Style Savvy
    • Step 3:2 - Design Principles
    • Step 3 Slides (PDF Version of All Step 3 Lessons)
    • Step 3 Project Sheets
  • 4
    Step 4: Master the Art of the Hunt
    • Step 4:1 - Prepping + Planning (To Shop till You Rock!)
    • Step 4:2 - Shopping + Sourcing (Like a Pro)
    • Step 4:3 - Product Field Guide (For Design Snipers)
    • Step 4 Slides (PDF Version of All Step 4 Lessons)
    • Step 4 Project Sheets
    • Vendor Resource List!
    • Budget Sketch Template!
  • 5
    Step 5: Create Your Design!
    • Step 5:1 - Create Your Design (overview)
    • Step 5:2 - Create Your Design (live demo!)
    • KJL Design Board Template
    • Step 5 Slides (PDF Version of All Step 5 Lessons)
  • 6
    Step 6: Manage Your Project
    • Step 6:1 - Vendors + Subs (not the sandwich)
    • Step 6:2 - Purchasing + Receiving
    • Step 6:3 - Pre-install + Prep
    • Step 6 Project Sheets
    • Shopping List Template!
    • Room Specification Template!
    • Punch List Template!
    • Product + Material Estimate Request Template!
    • Step 6 Slides (PDF Version)
  • 7
    Step 7: Install + Style (Like a boss!)
    • Step 7:1 - Accessory Shopping Day
    • Step 7:2 - Install + Styling Day!!
    • Step 7:3 - Styling 101 (aka "Style File")
    • Project Sheets Step 7
    • Step 7 Slides (PDF Version)

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Kathryn's designs have been featured in...

  • Apartment Therapy
  • House of Turquoise
  • Modern Farmhouse Style
  • Flea Market Decor
  • Houzz
  • Sunset
  • At Home in Arkansas


Kind words from CCC Course Students + Kathryn's 1-on-1 clients

“I LOVE KATHRYN!!!!! She is a delight to get to know!!!!! I liked her enthusiasm and personality immediately. She is genuine and "the real deal". I could not stop listening to this training material. I went completely through the course and devoured the material. More than once! What I LOVED was identifying my unique style. I look forward to creating my design boards for each room in my house - being very strategic in bringing only those things that on my boards into my design and not just shopping without a plan or goal and ending up with a lot of items that don't match anything else here! Now, I can say no to impulse buying. Rooms can be thought out and well planned. If I take my time and do it right, I can create a home of my dreams. ”

Linda GlasfordLinda Glasford

“I have learned so very much and found this to be invaluable. I did some of these principles, but learned the importance of better planning and the importance of the final accessory touches that pick up colors and contrasts from the other items. This is what has been lacking in my decorating. Absolutely worth the course! I play to review different segments over and over.”

Pauletta BPauletta B

“The class has been really good and informative. I have enjoyed learning rules of how to decorate, instead of trial and error. When asking questions in the private group, they usually respond within a day or two. It has been so nice to take the class and work at your own pace! I have four children ranging from 13 years- 10 months, work, ball games and more, so it’s been nice to not have to have the assignment s in at a certain time, because some weeks are busier then others! I am enjoying my results - the biggest thing I've learned is that, measurements matter!”

Alaina JAlaina J

“"Kathryn, has a delicate ability to make you feel like you've known her for a long time. You're immediately comfortable with her, and that is so important because designing your home is such an intimate setting. We are so grateful for the time and care that Kathryn undoubtedly put into our home. She did an amazing job, and her guidance led us right into our kitchen being featured in At Home Arkansas magazine! Her beautiful and kind heart couples so well with her efficacy and expertise. We are using her again now for our upstairs remodel!"”

Parker WParker W

“"Kathryn is super talented and professional. She has a fun loving personality and the energy that goes with that and it shows in everything she does. She was able to give us a good layout for four rooms in our house and gave us multiple options for each item to choose from at varying price ranges and at the proper dimensions to go with the size of our home. Thus far, we have bought a new dining room table with accompanying chairs, rug for dining room and an entry way table based on her plan. We have recently purchased two slipcover, swivel chairs for our living room to go with our existing couch. With the plan she prepared for us we are able to purchase the furniture and or fixtures we need as we go and have the paint colors on hand for when we decide to paint the rooms."”

Sydney PSydney P

“"Kathryn was such a delight to work with! We searched for a professional (we had no idea what to expect as this was our first time) to help us obtain the look and feel we wanted as well as stay within budget. Kathryn was the first we contacted and after some preliminary paperwork/questionnaire and our initial complementary consultation, we knew we had made the right choice. Kathryn's DIY Package made the process so fun and simple and helps make the client feel less overwhelmed about their project. Kathryn put everything together in a beautiful visual presentation for us and we are free to implement at our own pace. We will hire her again for future homes and cannot recommend her enough!"”

Norisa V.Norisa V.

“"Kathryn LeMaster is an extremely talented designer who is very easy to work with. She has an open mind and wonderful and creative ideas. Kathryn really wants the design to reflect you and does a great job of figuring out what that is. As far as the business side, she does great research, keeps in close contact and always does what she says she is going to do. I would recommend her for any job and will be using her again in the future. Her work is wonderful! She has done a kitchen redesign for me which includes fabrics, rugs, art, decor, furniture, sink, cabinetry finish and hardware, lighting and backsplash."”

Lynette B.Lynette B.


  • Who is this course for?

    Homeowners, apartment-dwellers, DIYers, home design + decor enthusiasts, HGTV + DIY channel fanatics, would-be + could-be interior designers, decorators and stylists, lifestyle + home bloggers, even already-interior designers + decorators and other home industry professionals! You name it. If you live indoors or know someone who does - this course could be the solution you seek to make your interior world the best it can be!

  • How do I take the course?

    In a super organized and convenient, easy-peasy, personalized online course dashboard where you can log in 24/7! You can go through each Step and lesson in order, check off your progress, download your project sheets to go with each Step's assignment, message your instructor with questions (me!), and even download the lessons for viewing offline! You have access for the life of the course so you can take your time and go at your own pace!

  • What kind of support is there?

    All the support you need to succeed in your design project! If you have a question about the course material or the design you're creating with it, head to our private, student-only Facebook group for community support and team support to make your journey even more fun and successful!! We can also be reached via email and messaged from directly within the course dashboard!